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Remote Control Tips, and Button Bindings for the Virtual Teleprompter app

Updated: Feb 10

We will explore how to use remote controls such as StreamDeck or Presentation Clicker to enhance your experience with our Virtual Teleprompter application. By binding buttons on your remote control, you can easily control scrolling, adjust speed, and navigate through your speech with convenience and precision. Let's dive in and learn how to configure these controls for Virtual Teleprompter.

Choosing the Right Remote Control

Before we proceed, let's ensure you have the appropriate remote control device. StreamDeck and Logitech Clickers are two popular options that can be customized to work seamlessly with the Virtual Teleprompter. These devices offer buttons that can be programmed to execute specific functions. It is important to choose a remote control that allows you to customize and bind the buttons.

Installing the Required Software

Ensure that Virtual Teleprompter is installed on your computer. Additionally, download and install the software required for your chosen remote control. For StreamDeck, visit the Elgato website and download the Stream Deck software. For Logitech Clicker, install the Logitech Presentation software. These applications will allow you to customize and bind the buttons on your remote control.

Configuring the remote control buttons and bindings

Once you have the software installed, open it and connect your remote control to your computer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for a successful connection.

Tips for StreamDeck users:

  1. Launch the Stream Deck software and create a new profile specifically for Virtual Teleprompter.

  2. Customize the buttons on your StreamDeck as per the following bindings:

    1. Enter, Space Bar, or Left Click: Start or pause scrolling.

    2. UP Arrow: Increase scrolling speed.

    3. DOWN Arrow: Decrease scrolling speed.

    4. Scroll Bar: Control navigation by jumping backwards and forwards through the speech.

  3. Assign appropriate icons and labels to each button for better visual reference.

  4. Save and activate your profile, ensuring it is associated with Virtual Teleprompter.

Virtual Teleprompter Stream Deck Binding
Virtual Teleprompter Stream Deck Binding

Tips for Logitech Clicker users:

  1. Assign the desired functions to the buttons on your Logitech Clicker:

    1. Open the Logitech Presentation software and connect the usb dongle.

    2. Depending on the model, you will see the different buttons that can be customised. Click on the custom keystroke option to assign a key.

    3. When the text box is flashing, press the UP Arrow on the keyboard to assign the UP arrow to the physical logitech button.

    4. Do the same for the next button...

    5. When the text box is flashing, press the DOWN Arrow on the keyboard to assign the DOWN arrow to the physical logitech button.

    6. If your logitech remote has 3 buttons, you can assign a third button such as the "space bar" to stop/start the teleprompter.

  2. Save the preferences.

  3. To use the new controls, press and hold the logitech button with the teleprompter run to see the teleprompter speed change.

Logi remote presentation clicker
Logi remote presentation binding settings
Logi remote presentation binding settings

Testing and Troubleshooting

After configuring your remote control, test the button bindings to ensure they work correctly. Open the Virtual Teleprompter app and verify that each button on your remote control performs its assigned function. If any buttons are not functioning as expected, review your software configurations and bindings.

In case of any issues, consult the user manuals for your remote control and the software you installed. These resources may provide troubleshooting steps or online support to address common problems.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your StreamDeck or Logitech Clicker to work harmoniously with the Virtual Teleprompter app. With the power of remote control devices at your fingertips, you can effortlessly start or pause scrolling, adjust speed, and navigate through your speech using the scroll bar. This level of control enhances your teleprompting experience, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation. For further questions or assistance, visit our website,, for more information and support. Enjoy the convenience of remote control with Virtual Teleprompter and deliver your speeches with confidence!

Additional information

Detailed instructions for the Virtual Teleprompter can be found on our support pages:

Virtual Teleprompter Instructions - Support page.

Thanks for using our application. If you have any feedback or issues please let us know via the contact form on our homepage.


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