Effective communication apps for hybrid work.

Windows 10, Mac OS

Two people in online meetings


We're dedicated to providing you the very best software to support online meetings, with an emphasis on presentations, meetings, interviews, and formal engagements. Online meetings can be challenging for presenters who are trying to juggle speaking notes, their appearance, talking speed and all the other challenges that comes with hybrid working.

Most of us learned along our work journeys the importance of subtle non-verbal cues. If we are presenting at a meeting, interviewing for a job, or just sharing ideas with coworkers, we are sharing more than our words. Our parents and teachers likely taught us the importance of eye contact. If you are successful in your career, you have probably mastered it. But what happens when these meetings and presentations are online?

Online Laptop teleprompter app for Webex, zoom meetings
Elegant Laptop teleprompter app for Windows 10 laptop or desktop
Two people in online meetings


Windows 10

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laptop teleprompter for Windows 10
Laptop teleprompter for Mac

The laptop teleprompter for online meetings and web conferencing is an elegant teleprompter that runs our your laptop or desktop. You can adjust the transparency of the overlay, speed, font size, and colors. Fine-tune everything and look natural and professional even while reading or referencing your notes. The intuitive controls mean that you will look and feel confident by your very next meeting or interview.

  • Maintain direct eye contact while referencing your notes

  • No need to memorize your notes

  • Look professional and natural

  • Portray Confidence in Remote Meetings

  • Minimise multitasking and focus on delivering your key messages


  • Manual scroll or auto scroll

  • Adjustable fonts, colors and sizes

  • Adjustable transparency

  • Adjustable speed and layout

  • Integrated timer

  • Compatible with all meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

  • Support for RTL languages such as Arabic / Hebrew

  • Compatible with all Windows 10 and MAC OS

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