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Virtual Teleprompter


The easiest way to download our app is via the App Store buttons below.

Windows 10 /11 Store

Click below to download from the Microsoft store

Mac Store

Click below to download from the Apple store

Teleprompter app download button
Teleprompter app download button

The Virtual Teleprompter app is an elegant teleprompter that runs on your laptop. The Virtual Teleprompter app is an ideal companion for online meetings, interviews, presentation, live streaming, content creators or making pre-recorded content. You can adjust the transparency of the overlay, speed, font size, and colors. Fine-tune everything and look natural and professional even while reading or referencing your notes. 

  • Maintain direct eye contact while referencing your notes

  • No need to memorize your notes

  • Look professional and natural

  • Portray Confidence in Remote Meetings

  • Minimise multitasking and focus on delivering your key messages


  • Manual scroll or auto scroll with adjustable speed

  • Adjustable fonts, colors and sizes

  • Adjustable transparency

  • Adjustable layout and alignment

  • Integrated timer and word counter

  • Text formatting options (bold, underline, italic, find/replace)

  • Ability to mirror text (beam split)

  • Compatible with all meeting platforms such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Webinars and Live Streaming

  • Multilingual & support for RTL languages such as Arabic / Hebrew

  • Compatible with all Windows 10, Windows 11 and MAC OS


Virtual Meetings

Pitch like a shark and stop looking down at notes

Going live

Live streamers

Save time by not memorising talking points.

Happy Woman

Events & webinars

Portray confidence & remain in control during live events

Woman with Camera

Content creators


Stay on script while recording videos and content

Telepromtper app being used on a Zoom video conferernce
Telepromtper app being used on a Webex meeting

Does the Virtual Teleprompter app work on Windows 11 and Mac?

Yes, our teleprompter software has been developed for Windows 8, 10, 11 and Mac OSNote: Windows 7 is end of life so we no longer test our builds on Windows 7 but it works fine.

Does the Virtual Teleprompter app work on Webex, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting?

Yes, our teleprompter app is fully agnostic meaning that it work on any PC and any platform. Whether you are using Webex, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans or YouTube Live Streaming, our application will integrate seamlessly. You should avoid putting the teleprompter window over the critical meeting control so you can easily access the mute button, webcam on/off button, screenshare etc. For more details on this please refer to our blog page.

Is the Virtual Teleprompter free? How much does it cost?

We offer a lite version (Free) which is limited to 1000 characters and;

We offer a paid version (Pro) which has no limitations. 

We spend a lot of time and effort to develop our application so please understand that we need to charge a small one-off fee for the Pro version.

Visit the download page for more details.

You Can Speak Naturally

You can speak more naturally with a laptop teleprompter compared to physical notes because your notes are right in front of you instead of looking down at pieces of paper. Your head will gradually move from left to right as you read from the screen, allowing you to speak evenly to everyone in the room. When you read from a screen, you are able to stay on track with your speech while still connecting with your audience.

Teleprompters allow for more precise wording

You can keep better precision than if you read from notes or try to remember what to say off the top of your head since you can read your script without losing your position. This advantage could be crucial in situations when the precision of your statements is critical. Legal and budget presentations, for example, frequently necessitate precision.

You can concentrate on your nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal clues are frequently just as essential as what you say out loud. You may focus more of your attention on exhibiting the correct non-verbal clues to make your speech as impactful as possible when you know what you’re going to say and don’t have to worry about forgetting it. Furthermore, without notes, your hands are free to emphasise key points in your presentation.

Your Professionalism Will Grow

It is critical to appear professional when speaking persuasively. Without scribbled notes or awkward pauses to distract your audience, you can exude professionalism and confidence, emphasising your expertise. Your audience will trust you more if you appear well-dressed and confident in yourself.

Teleprompters Help You Save Time

You can spend less time memorising your speech if you use this technology. That time could be better spent improving other aspects of your performance.

Is the Virtual Teleprompter online?

No, we created a dedicated laptop teleprompter application so we can optimise the use of computer resources. Online teleprompters that run in your internet browser use significant amounts of computer CPU and RAM that impact the performance of your computer. Our teleprompter software can be downloaded from the Microsoft store or the Apple store. 

Is the Virtual Teleprompter app secure?

Refer to our privacy page for further details. In short, Data privacy was a key consideration when we designed our application due to the nature of the data i.e. speeches, keynote addresses, presentations etc. Our application does not use or require any internet connectivity because the teleprompter data is stored locally on the users PC. We do not have any internet storage or access to any user data.

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